Hire yourself and

be your own boss!

Open to ALL, not just for Millennials =)


"Change the way YOU look at things and the things YOU look at will change."

Attend our Opportunity Meeting or watch the video above to learn how you can become a part of the world's largest liquid financial market!

If you are looking for an EXIT STRATEGY, this is for YOU. We recently conducted a survey and found out that the average person do not make more than $30 an hour. According to Statista, the average hourly wage in the U. S. is $11.33. One of our academies, HFX academy, is also known as #MoneyinMinutes.

The trades will clear in 1-3 minutes!

Our traders focus on taking 8-12 trades in one hour and making $30 or more per trade. In one hour we are making more than a full 8-12 hour shift that a nurse worked who went to a 4 year university. 


-MUST be coachable

-MUST have a winning mindset

-MUST have a phone and access to WIFI


-6 Figure Business Plan


-Access to multiple 6-7 Figure Earners that offers live trading and mentorship!

-Access to our signals group

-Starting your own business, scheduling your own hours and making your own profits!

-Traveling for team events in or out the country will be a tax write-off

-Work from home

-Opportunity to make passive AND residual income

-Unlimited Support

-Creating Generational Wealth

-The ability to leave your business to your child or another family member, in case of death.

They will receive your rank/position and monthly earnings!


In 2021, WE are building LEGACIES

For additional information, do not hesitate to text or call


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