The Murder Capital of the World

One text message and one trip later!

I received a text message asking if I wanted to go to Honduras. I've never thought of travelling to Honduras, so I thought to myself "sure why not?" I assumed my friend meant Roatan, Little French Key, Honduras, and thought that we would be taking pictures of each other swimming with Jaguars like everyone else on Instagram, but no I was wrong! She saw round trip tickets to Honduras for less than $300, booked both of our flights and I immediately sent my funds for my portion of the trip. Typically, I am the one planning and organizing trips with my family and friends, however this time I packed my bag with no care in the world. It felt nice for a change to just show up with everything already taken care of.

Closer to the trip I started thinking "maybe I should glance at things." I checked the tickets in my email and saw that we were flying from IAH (Houston) to SAP (San Pedro Sula). I googled San Pedro Sula, and read that San Pedro Sula is the "Murder Capital of the World" with "20 murders per day" as well as infamously being known for "MS-13." This is a place two 25-year-old, African- American females, should not have gone, but you know what they say; God protects babies and fools! We were some damn fools for going through with our trip plans, yet I must admit, we had a really great time. I am not condoning risking your life for cheap round-trip tickets out the country. However, for many that would never think to put Honduras on their bucket list, I would like to share with you the things we did in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I would also like the opportunity to share with you another side of Honduras many consider Paradise: Little French Key, Honduras.

Little French Key is in Roatan, Honduras (RTB) and many reports consider Roatan much safer than mainland Honduras and feels infinitely safer than the U. S., if no other than the total absence of gun culture. Further, there is no evidence of significant gang activity or violence on the island" (International Living). Read more about Little French Key by clicking here.

Quick Fact: La Ceiba, Honduras (LCE ) is safe for tourist. There are not many things to do there but it is the home of Usha Village, which is Dr. Sebi's Healing Center. One interesting fact is Usha Village is where Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of the R&B Group, TLC, visited during her documentary "Last Days of Left Eye." She was filming her spiritual healing journey during what we now know where her final days on Earth.

Highlights of San Pedro Sula, Honduras

1. Pulhapanzak Waterfall

-I absolutely love waterfalls! This waterfall was two hours from our hotel. We had no choice but to rent a car because our hotel was a good distance from the airport. We rented a car when we first flew into Honduras. Thank God for the GPS, Waze, because it took us exactly where we needed to go! Driving to the waterfall, we ran into these little towns and had no clue if we were going in the right direction. There were times when we were driving and the signs on the road would disappear and the road would turn into gravel. The GPS only showed a blue line and arrow. I was so scared that we were going to bust one of the tires and become stranded. Also, due to the lack of tourism, it was difficult finding someone who spoke English, however we were too scared to even get out to ask if we were headed to the right place.

Once we arrived, we couldn't believe how strong and beautiful the falls were. It was a peaceful feeling that overcame us as we stared in awe at the 140 ft waterfall (30 ft shorter than Niagara Falls). There were tours to travel behind the falls and a couple of families were zip-lining over the Pulha Falls. We took this opportunity to sit with God and nature. Nature has a way of showing me how omnipotent God is and each time I travel, I make sure I make time to sit, write and talk with him.

2. Tela, Honduras

While in Honduras, we wanted to go to the beach and the nearest beach was 2 hours away (opposite from the way we went to the waterfalls). We headed out for another adventurous day. I am the safe friend "the no guys I don't think we should do that" friend lol. As we were driving we began to hit those little towns with no signs and day quicky became dawn. I looked out the window and saw people chopping fruit with machetes. I looked at my friend, The Risk Taker, and said "I don't think we should have done this." To my surprise, she didn't respond "shut up. You gone be okay. Let's go!" She quietly said, "I think we shouldn't have done this too." Everything went quiet. The atmosphere was so tense that we cut down the radio to hear our thoughts and made sure we had no reason to stop. By God's grace, we made it to the town of Tela, ate a local restaurant, partied with the people and hopped in the water!

3. Isabella Boutique Hotel

- This was a beautiful, neat hotel with an excellent staff. There is a delicious eating place less than 2 minutes from the hotel called either "Yaya's" or "Yoyo's." The hotel also have its own restaurant on the premises. We felt safe here. One night we wanted to chill outside and the security immediately came out from his outdoor office. He only allowed us to walk across the street and back. He would not let us go any further due to safety concerns! The hotel was also near San Pedro Sula's Central Park, where the St. Peter Cathedral is located. We were able to eat and go shopping in that area.

From this hotel, you can also see the Coca-Cola sign in the mountains (often compared to the Hollywood sign). I initially had plans to go hiking to see the city's iconic sign recommended by TripAdvisor, however we were recommended by locals not too. Supposedly, there are times when hikers are robbed on their way. I know by now you all are thinking these girls were doing way tooooo much! I know, I know but I must add that we had sense enough not to go see the sign :-D

Photos from San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The people were nice, and I felt so beautiful in Honduras. What I loved most about Honduras and when I traveled to Cuba, is that everyone is simply Cuban or Honduran; not White, Black or Mexican just Honduran. The country made me feel welcomed and included. Unfortunately, that is a feeling that I do not get every day as an American. I will always cherish the time I spent in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and I am grateful for the experience.

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