Little French Key: Honduran Paradise They Don't Show You

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

After my adventurous vacation in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, I started researching how to get to Little French Key; the place I see all over Instagram! The safest and most convenient route is to fly into Roatan, Honduras (RTB). I have been twice and plan to go every year! Roatan, Honduras is completely safe. I make sure I let my followers on Instagram know to fly into RTB so they will not end up in The Murder Capital of the World: San Pedro Sula, Honduras like I did. If you have not read the blog, it is definitely worth a read!

Roatan, Honduras is a Caribbean Island 65 km northern of Honduras. It is also the largest of Bay Islands of Honduras! When I first visited Little French Key, I booked an all-inclusive resort called Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island was close to Little French Key.

I booked my tours,which included transportation and lunch, through Fantasy Island wasn't quite what I was expecting and I am still on the search for the best hotel or resort in Roatan. At Fantasy Island, I felt safe, enjoyed the balcony, two restaurants, customer service, drinks, pool and beach as well as price. Rooms were about $160/night. My second trip to Honduras I booked another all-inclusive, however this time it was located a little over 30 minutes from Little French Key. I forgot the name of the resort, but it was all-inclusive and located in the West Bay area. West Bay was more lively with a lot of bars and restaurants. You could choose to go to the pool or hang out at the beach. There was also water activities such as, Jet Skiing, Diving and more! Roatan, Honduras is a great escape for those who are looking to relax and enjoy a vacation in Paradise without a busy itinerary. Lastly, staying at the West Bay end, when I booked my transportation and activities with they said it was too far for transportation so I had to take a taxi there and back.

Little French Key is an island within Roatan, Honduras. It is advised to spend at least a half of day here. What I love the most is that if you go to Little French Key when it is not cruise ship day, it may be less than 20 tourist on the island! However, if you go when the cruise ship arrives, you will be there with over 600 people.

Here are some things to do in Little French Key (no particular order):

1. Snorkeling and/or Kayaking

The MayaAtlantis Snorkeling Tour comes with snorkeling gear and a tour guide. The tour guide will take you to the underwater statues!

2. Horeseback Riding through the Beach

3. Swimming with Pigs

(Guest are no longer able to swim with the Jaguars)

-When I first arrived to Little French Key, I was extremely excited to swim with the Jaguars like everyone else on Instagram. Unfortunately, due to a fire, the government of Roatan and Animal Rights individuals removed the jaguars due to safety concerns. How the fire started is a mystery and there are speculations that Little French Key profited more money than other Honduran places due to tourism and many felt that was unfair. Since the fire, Little French Key has rebuilt and are still adding restaurants, bars and hopefully a luxury resort! In replace of the Jaguar, you can swim with the mini pigs. Not as exciting, but it is something to do lol

4. ATV Ride through Roatan, Honduras

The tour guide stated that "Fat Point" derived from the people noticing the fruit and food that were being produced from the trees. Many became overweight and from then on this part of Honduras was named "Punta Gorda." The people here have their own language, food, celebrations and huge gathering on Sundays. This was my favorite part of visiting Roatan. I love learning and I love culture.

The oldest permanent settlement in Roatan, Punta Gorda (“Fat Point”) was founded shortly after April 12, 1797, when some 3,000 Garífuna deportees from the Caribbean island of San Vicente were stranded on Roatan by the British. After settling in Punta Gorda, many Garífuna continued on, migrating to Trujillo and from there up and down the Caribbean coasts of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize, but their first Honduran home remained. The anniversary marking their arrival is cause for great celebration in Punta Gorda (Hachette Book Group). There skin was so dark and beautiful! I didn't take many pictures of them because they are people in their natural habitat and I would not like it if someone came in to my home and began taking pictures of me without my permission.

The Garifuna Flag

Although they live in Honduras and other Caribbean places, the Garifuna people have their own flag. Their flag is nationally recognized as the Garifuna Nation.

The meanings of the three colors are often described as follows (per Warasa Drum School):

Black: Represents the color of the skin and the African ancestry of the Garifuna people.  Also represents the suffering and hardship that they suffered.

White: Represents the white skin of the Europeans who were the historical antagonists of the Garifuna people.  It also represents the peace that the Garifuna people ultimately sought.

Yellow: Represents the color of the Garifuna people’s staple food – grated cassava and cassava bread.  It is also said to represent the Amerindian (Carib and Arawak) ancestry of the Garifuna.  Finally, it is said to symbolize hope.

Pictures From Little French Key

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