Guide to Baby Mooning: Traveling while Pregnant

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

As an avid traveler, my first question to the doctor was "when will

I have to stop traveling?" Immediately when I found out I was pregnant, I planned to go to Santorini, Greece for my birthday and take the most beautiful maternity pictures, however that was short-lived. My birthday is March 2nd and the doctor put a halt to my big idea. Due to my high blood pressure and risk for blood clots, I was told to stop air travel at 24 weeks. I am currently 22 weeks. I am not able to fly overseas at this time because of the air pressure and risk of preterm labor. I had the opportunity to go to Athens and Santorini in 2017 and absolutely loved it. I'm sure it will still be there after 2020.

Before I was told no more traveling overseas, I was able to enjoy a little bit of "Baby Mooning." The original meaning is a period of time that parents spend bonding with a recently born baby. More recently the term has come to be used to describe a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby ( In October, I traveled to Miami, November Casablanca and Marrakesh, Morocco, Paris (November), Denver (December), Fort Lauderdale Cruise to Nassau, Bahamas (December), New York and Philadelphia (January 2020). For now, we will do road trips near Houston, Texas, such as, Austin, Dallas, Lake Charles and New Orleans, Louisiana. I am so excited that one day I will be able to show my sweet baby, Zion Eli, the beauty of the world!

Tips to Traveling while Pregnant

The second trimester is the best time to travel. After the first trimester, must moms-to-be nauseated has decreased and they are beginning to feel more energize than before!

1. Stay Germ-free

Pack hand sanitizer and travel wipes. Wipe down tray tables and armrests while flying.

Avoid cruises, if possible. My doctor was opposed to the Bahamas Cruise; however, the trip was already paid for before we knew baby was coming with us. The doctor noted that cruises can be very "dirty." She also prescribed me Zofran for morning sickness. I did not use any medicine due to my fear of any medicine harming the baby, however I laid down when my body became tired and nauseated. Going from Royal Princess Cruise to Alaska (August 2019) to Carnival Cruise I noticed a big difference. The Royal Princess cruise was so beautiful, spotless and there were very few children on the cruise. The Carnival Cruise had a lot of children who were grabbing things from the buffet with their hands and I just refused to eat the cones from the Ice Cream Station. I would suggest eating at the restaurants on the cruise ship, taking nausea medicine and resting when needed!

2. Flying overseas

My doctor recommendation for flying overseas was to walk and do simple stretches every 2 hours while on the plane to avoid any blood-clotting. I have a bad habit of sleeping the entire time on a plane and not eating. Back in 2018 I traveled from Houston to Singapore and I slept the entire 17 hours. The flight attendants made me wake up to eat. Even when I have a flight that is only 45 minutes or 2 hours long, I immediately go to sleep. I'll have to research to find out if I have some sort of flight disorder lol.

Definitely while pregnant, make sure you walk, eat and do not try to hold your urine. Unfortunately, after the trip, I had an UTI, which is common in pregnant women, because I hate using the restroom on the plane and even more so in public stalls, especially in foreign countries. Most importantly, make sure you are not traveling to a country that requires many immunizations. My doctor stated that while I am pregnant, I am only allowed to take "Baby Aspirin," which is 81mg, daily to prevent blood clots and Tylenol 1000mg when my head hurts really bad.

3. Aisle seats = Great Option

I love a nice window seat, however picking an aisle seat is a great option for those frequent bathroom breaks!

4.Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is very important while traveling. I often travel with my reusable water bottle from Cirkul. Cirkul makes your water taste delicious without any added sugars, calories and/or artificial colors. I have always had a hard time drinking water and Cirkul made drinking water so much easier. Most importantly, when flying overseas, be sure to drink bottled water with a closed seal and familiar brands such as, Aquafina, if available. Avoid drinking tap water in countries that have poor sanitation. Typically, hot drinks made with boiled water is safe, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

5. Dress comfy and arrive to the airport early

When pregnant, minimize stress as much as possible. Give yourself enough time to go through security, eat and take that one last potty break before boarding. My favorite outfits to wear while I am pregnant are my Gucci mules or any type of flats, tights and dresses. Pregnant or not I really hate the security process so I always dress comfortable so I can get in and get out without arguing with TSA. Another great recommendation, compression socks. Compression socks will help to reduce swelling in your feet that the cabin pressure may cause.

6. Always have a backup plan

Although some of us missed our window of opportunity for "Plan B," when traveling while pregnant you must prep for the unexpected. Research local hospitals and pharmacies near your stay. Also, check with your insurance to make sure you are covered wherever you are going.


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