E-commerce academy

In the world of so many ideas and businesses, you may be wondering what should I be doing or what should I do to grow the business I have...

Our ECX academy is open to ALL


Here's the training even the most successful entrepreneur will find valuable and full of financial gems. If 2020 has taught this world anything, it definitely has taught us that having one source of income is truly not enough and spending time with the ones we love is priceless.









Electronic commerce or e-commerce (sometimes written as eCommerce) is a business model that allows individuals to buy and sell things over the internet.



-Attend unlimited live classes with educators who have made 6 figures to millions of dollar from this e-commerce opportunity.

-How to build your own website and/or improve the website you already have

-Tracking analytics that will show you how often an item or webpage has been viewed

-An automated system that will bring your more customers and increase your leads

-Industry BEST marketing tips and strategies

-Opportunity to create residual, passive and generational wealth!

Have you ever wonder how you can see something on Instagram then see the exact same company and product on another site?

-We will teach you how to market on social platforms and how to get your product ad on different sites your customer is currently on!


Don't know what to sell?

-That's okay. You will have access to over 50+ vendors (hair, glasses, clothes, jewelry, tires... just name it and there is an approved vendor for you!)

-If you already sell products, you will want to start expanding on the business you have already created. This training will help you increase sells, ads and much much more!



You will receive all of this information and unlimited support for a reduced fee of $324 and a monthly subscription of $274. The monthly subscription will give you live access to unlimited mentorship, marketing strategies, vendors, tracking systems and educational videos to grow your business to 6-7 figures! It's time to step into your season #MillionaireSeason

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