Meet The Forex Traveler


Dezaree' Lusk, LCSW, is originally from Dallas, Texas. She received her Cosmetologist license from Duncanville High School in 2011. Dezaree' received her Bachelors of Social Work Degree from the Prairie View A & M University (December 2014), and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Houston (May 2016). She has worked hard to accomplish her goal of combining her love for Cosmetology and Social Work. She became a Certified Hair Loss Specialist and created Divine Beauty Bar ( July 2016. Divine Beauty Bar accepts insurance and Veteran Benefits (VA) to help individuals experiencing hair loss combat Alopecia with a quality Cranial "Wig" Prosthetic. Efforts to continue to build her clients self-esteem, alleviate depression and anxiety surrounding hair loss, Dezaree’ became a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist (2017) and instructor.

During her undergraduate and graduate studies, Dezaree' took the opportunity to study abroad with Prairie View A & M to Ghana (West Africa) and to London/Swansea, Wales with the Univ. of Houston comparing best innovative health care practices in the United States versus other countries. Dezaree' has now traveled to over 23 countries and many states in the United States. Through traveling, she could not help but notice the beauty of the people, culture, food, needs of the people. Dezaree' no longer wanted to hear "I wish I could travel like you" and she found a way that others could make passive and residual income in order to live the life they truly desired. 


After many request, Dezaree' has stepped out on faith once more to combine her passion for travel and helping others. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialization in Mental Health, Dezaree' now host Wellness Retreats and financial freedom webinars. Dezaree' has now helped over 170 individuals on their journey to Financial Freedom. Dezaree' has taught many people how to make their money work for them by teaching them how to trade in the world's largest liquid financial market in the world. If you want to be part of the 1%, you have to stop doing what the other 99% are doing.

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